The AMOS Women’s French Cup has the will to be an inclusive event, accessible and open to all. In addition to the various social actions carried out throughout the year by Sport Incub association with young schoolchildren from Priority Neighborhoods of the city of Toulouse, the AMOS WFC deploys its Youth Program throughout the territory. This program aims to offer the possibility to children who do not have the chance to go on vacation or who come from underprivileged backgrounds, to come and enjoy the event. Through this program, hundreds of children and their parents are invited by the association to attend all the games of the competition. Several activities dedicated to this program are also implemented to offer children and their parents the possibility to build incredible memories around the event.


We developed our program that year, in partnership with Tisséo, the  fondation SNCF & the City of Toulouse.

Here are the actions that were carried out:

> 5 days with young girls and boys from 8 to 11 years old from clubs and leisure centers located in the Priority Neighborhoods of Toulouse

> Activities and workshops to raise awareness about gender equality issues and the fight against stereotypes in sport.


We have established, for this year, the socio-educational program in collaboration with our CSR partners; Airbus, fondation engie and tisséo.

Our actions:

> 6 days were conducted with a class of 11 years old children from January to September.

> School trip with a class of 11 years old children to Montpellier to attend a FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 game (Germany-South Africa)


Here are all the actions carried out this year (NB: because of the covid we had to stop our program prematurely):

> 6 days with a class of CE2 of the elementary school Jacquier (classified Priority Neighborhood of the city, Toulouse)

> Animations and workshops to raise awareness about gender equality, stereotypes, gender diversity and discrimination

> These workshops were led by professional athletes, notably Sofiane Guitoune, a player of Stade Toulousain, and Aïmy Diop, a player of TFC. We warmly thank them for their support.

We would particularly like to thank our partners who have continued to support us in this delicate period: fondation vinci, Occitania regional council and the departmental council.


We have been working with the Foundation tfc throughout this year.

Here is what was achieved:

> 4 days with a class of 11 years old children from Maurice Becane school (Priority Neighborhood of the city, Toulouse)

> Animations, workshops, meetings with sportswomen and sportsmen of high level to establish a reflection and a dialogue in order to deconstruct the preconceived ideas and the clichés. Awareness raising on gender equality issues and fight against stereotypes through sport.


In partnership with Le Groupe des Chalets, we worked on actions carried out in the city’s priority neighborhoods(QPV).

Thus, we organized several days within the QPV, with playful workshops around sports for the children and their families and ended our days with an outing (Fenix game, TFC Women’s game).

These days were an opportunity for these children to share a unifying moment, all gathered around the common values of sport and inclusion.


Since 2019, we are signatory of the Charter of the 15 eco-responsible commitments of events organizers set up by the ministry of sports and the wwf.

To follow that approach, we have created a “WFC GREEN” commission in order to initiate an ecological process, especially on aspects related to responsible food, soft and active mobility, inclusion, waste reduction and natural resources management.

This green pole is managed by Anaëlle and Christel, who have produced, following the 2021 edition, a reference report stating the situation of our actions with regard to the criteria of the charter and the axes of improvement for the editions to come (see photo below).

Anaëlle and Christel are the guarantors of the implementation of the Charter of 15 commitments.

As stakeholders in the CSR pole of the association, they implement actions in line with the expectations that we set for each edition.

An annual report is published, in order to be able to note the indicators achieved and those for which we still have to progress.


Anaëlle and Christel are responsible for implementing the 15 Commitments Charter.
As stakeholders in the association’s CSR department, they implement actions in line with the expectations we set ourselves for each edition.
An annual report is then published, enabling us to see which indicators have been achieved and which still need to be improved.