Note from Faïza Chaban, President of Sport Incub association:

The association Sport Incub works every day so that gender equality is no longer a challenge in our society but a reality.


Camille Naude, founder of the tournament:

The Women’s French Cup is a great playground, for us, for all our volunteers, for the great teams we receive as part of their preparation, for our partners who are always more numerous and committed, but especially for each of the spectators we welcome during our editions.

We are free, independent. We defend the values of sport at its best; inclusion, living together, excellence, performance, self-sacrifice, the collective. We strive to ensure that everyone involved, whether an actor or a spectator, will have an unforgettable and meaningful experience.

Because gender equality is more than ever at the heart of the issues of our century. Because equal opportunities and inclusion are the last bastions before injustice and rejection, because some of these women footballers are role models who will inspire the vocations of tomorrow’s generations and open up opportunities. We must continue to promote women’s soccer in its highest standards, at our level, through the Women’s French Cup.

For young girls, for young boys and for all those who will be the adults of tomorrow.


The association Sport incub was created in 2016 with the desire to work in favor of disciplines that receive little to no media coverage, particularly handisport and women’s sports. Therefore the association decided, at the beginning of 2017, to organize what will become the first professional women’s soccer tournament in Europe.

Sport Incub has the will to use this tournament as a tool to raise awareness about gender equality and equal opportunities in sport. We have therefore developed, since 2017, a socio-educational program, alongside the tournament, aimed at young children (girls and boys), from schools, colleges and priority neighborhoods of Toulouse. The objective is to bring together these young children for a day and to make them aware of gender equality issues in order to fight against stereotypes in sports. We want to give the opportunity to practice or discover soccer in mixed gender, especially for young women, who for socio-cultural reasons, do not have the opportunity to play in clubs. More than 800 children in total have benefited from our actions since 2017.


The association has also organized its own TILK TALK in 2018 with the objective of providing a platform for discussion on the place of women in sport, the fight against stereotypes and solutions to achieve a more equal future. For the occasion, we had the pleasure of hosting the extraordinary Hajra Khan, captain of the Pakistani national team, a young activist who works for the promotion of women in sport.



In parallel to the tournament, the association Sport Incub welcomes during the two days of competition a hundred children from Toulouse leisure centers who have not had the chance to go on vacation.

These afternoons allow children to discover the backstage of the organization of an international tournament and to meet the actors of this event (visit of the stadium, dedicated animations, meeting and photos with the players…). All the children and their families are then invited to attend the games.

Each edition gathers 150 children volunteers, aged from 6 to 14 years old, who had the opportunity to go on the pitch with the players (Kids players) and/or to be in the forefront of the game by becoming a ball boy or girl.

All our socio-educational actions are supervised by a team of specialized volunteers.

They are PE teachers, soccer educators and participate each year in the drafting and implementation of the socio-educational program of the association.


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